Schedule and Collaboration Tool for your Service Department

ServiceHub's visual Board, interactive Timeline and Loan Vehicle Management empowers everyone in your team to organise and prioritise your work orders and from anywhere.


How can ServiceHub help?

There's a lot that happens in the background of a great service department - but without good team communication, priorities and an up-to-date work orders, workloads can quickly become chaotic.

Here is where ServieHub comes in. From scheduling work orders for the day, to managing your loan vehicles, ServiceHub is here to assist your service department.

ServiceHub is built for every member of your team including service advisors and technicians to plan, track and complete work orders with efficient planning and continuous tracking.

Features at a glance

Visual board

Interactive timeline

Loan vehicle calendar

Job collaboration

Automated job rollover

Permission management

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*ServiceHub works on all modern Windows and Mac browsers.

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