Service workshop software for your team

ServiceHub empowers your dealership to manage, track and collaborate on jobs effectively.


ServiceHub is built for every member of your service team to plan, track and complete service jobs with efficient planning and continuous tracking.


Plan, organise and track in one visual and collaborative space.

Job Board

Job board for your team

Easily track jobs across the different stages of work with a visual board. Create your own templates and experiment with different workflows that works best for your team.

Job Timeline

Plan your jobs

Give your team the flexibility to plan their jobs in the way they work best. Organise and assign jobs to your technicians in a timeline view. Updates are reflected across all views so the whole team is continuously informed.


Organised conversations across your dealership

Good communication is critical to the success of any service team. Collaborate on jobs, delegate action items and and add meaningful context to each job.

Customise your workflow

Every dealership has a unique process for servicing vehicles. Create a workflow to match the way your team works.

Service Workflow

Free plan for dealerships

ServiceHub is currently under development and you can use our Free plan to see if it works for your dealership. There’s also no limit on how many users you can add to your team on ServiceHub.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ServiceHub free?

ServiceHub is free because it is currently still in beta stage and under development. The beta period is free to collect more feedback from users.

Does ServiceHub integrate with any Dealership Management Systems (DMS)?

ServiceHub does not currently integrate with any DMS systems, but they are coming! However currently you can batch import multiple jobs to ServiceHub from a single CSV file. We will keep you updated as soon as DMS integration becomes available.

When will you be adding ...?

We try to add features as fast as possible but we are a two man team working nights and weekends to bring you more features.

How can I provide feedback or feature requests?

If you would like to provide any general feedback or to report any bugs you come across when using ServiceHub, please email us at We'd love to hear from you.

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