ServiceHub is Here

Do you have a whiteboard covered in post-it notes somewhere in the office? Or a cluttered software from your Dealership Management System that's difficult to use?

With all the fancy "tracking" software out there, I never found a way to keep track of who's supposed to be working on what or what the highest priority jobs and what their status is in the workshop. In my experience working with hundreds of service departments seeing dozens of service advisors getting paid to sit at computers, type on keyboards and occasionally move a mouse, I had no idea if they were doing collaborating with the workshop or even knew the status of a work order when customers call.

So we built SeviceHub.


SeviceHub is a new product from Bistodo (the overarching company that we plan to release more products under). We have been working on this for 6 months, and we've been collaborating with service departments from the start. I have to say the feedback has been really great so as of today, it is now live, open, free, available to the entire public through the great medium of the global network of computers known as the internet!

SerivceHub is probably the most simplest and intuitive product in the world; its a web page where you upload a list of work orders (or manually enter one) and its instantly available for all service advisors, mechanics and others to see:

Work orders

You can move them around. Move them up and down to priorities or move them from status to status to keep everyone in the loop:

Priorities your work orders

Now the best part is that inside each work order, there's room for all kinds of cool stuff, including a description, conversations, labels and more:

Work order details

That way, work orders carry all kinds of useful stuff around with them to keep everyone informed.

But there is more, ServiceHub also comes with a Technician assignment timeline and loan vehicle calender - see Features for more details.

ServiceHub works on any size screen, and works great on laptops or a TV dashboard. Here is the technician timeline setup on a giant TV at one of the service departments (edited to remove any identifiable information):

Workshop TV Dashboard

Everything synchronizes instantly. It's free as part of the early access program (we might charge something for premium features in the future). Sign up today!